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Health Science

At Reagan High School we offer students a chance to explore health care careers by allowing hands on experiences. We offer Principles of Health Science, Health Science, Practicum, Anatomy & Physiology, and Medical Terms and Pathophysiology. With each class students further their knowledge on which health care path they want to follow after graduating from high school. Students who take part in this endorsement may receive many different certifications such as CPR, OSHA, and a CNA Certification.
The first class offered is Principles of Health Science, in this class students are introduced to the basics of nursing, the human anatomy, and other basic procedures and information.
Following Principles of Health Science is, Health science. Here is were students go in depth into different careers and are shown how to perform simple medical procedures. Students get some hands on experience with mannequins in a hospital setting and medical equipment.
After passing Health Science, a student can further their education by taking either Practicum, Med Term, Anatomy & Physiology, or Pathophysiology. 
In Practicum, students will get the opportunity to receive their CNA certification, Certified Nursing Assistant. If they receive their certification, students will be able to work in a nursing home or hospital of their choosing. In the classroom students will be taught how to perform skills that will be used in the field. Students will have the chance to go to a Nursing Home and perform the skills learned in class and apply them to residents. They will go for 40 training hours at the nursing home. Students will also go to a Hospital and shadow personnel and obtain experience in many different departments. Students will go to a testing site and complete the CNA exam where they could get certified. 
In Med Term students learn medical terms used in the medical field. Such as medical roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Students will use these to create words. After successfully completing this course, students may receive college credit through ACC. 
In Anatomy & Physiology students will learn about the human anatomy. Students will learn about the body structure, bones, muscles, and organs and how they function.
In Pathophysiology, students study diseases, changes in body functions of organs. While in class students will do labs and and work on mannequins and apply critical thinking skills.
Practicum Students: 
Anthony Martinez, Dania Perez, Anayeli Acevedo, Julissa Arteaga, Raquel BolaƱos, Roxana Sanchez, Abigail Jimenez,
& Analilia Dominguez
The University Medical Center Brackenridge is where practicum students perform rounds.
Nancy Riedel
Bachelor Sience Nursing from The University of Texas, Masters in Education from Texas State University, Registered Nurse, Have taught Health Science for 22 years.
Practicum & Principles of Health Teacher